The Hera Series


The H E R A series is an art project celebrating empowerment and self love by Leonie Psillis. 

Leonie is an emerging artist born and living in Sydney, Australia. 

Working across a number of media including painting, drawing and sculpture, Leonie draws inspiration from the fluidity of the human form and the bonds between the body, intimacy, diversity, love and loss. 

Throughout her life, Leonie has always been fascinated by the relationship between people and images and how the body is represented through the eyes of others. This interest was cultivated during her teenage years and further developed when she opted to take her Bachelors Degree in Arts followed by a Master’s Degree of Media Practice at the University of Sydney. 

After the birth of her third child, Leonie delved further into her artistic practice she began in her school years which explores life and the notion of self with simple lines and blocks of colour. She continues her evolving body of work from her studio in Sydney, Australia.